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October 2017

Latest travel ban ended for most people

As I mentioned in my post the other day the latest version of the travel ban was blocked by a Federal judge in Hawaii, and now also by one additional court.  The block eliminates the travel ban restrictions for the… Continue Reading →

2NLs being sent for December 2017 interviews

People have started receiving their 2NLs for December 2017  interviews. This will take a few hours – and possibly even a couple of days before all have gone out. The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check… Continue Reading →

Latest travel ban being fought

*** Update *** Travel ban lifted – for now.   The latest travel ban is due to go into force tomorrow. However, today, a judge in Hawaii has blocked the ban, in the same way that the previous ban was… Continue Reading →

DV2019 entry period to be restarted

Due to a technical issue, the DV-2019 entry period that began on October 3 has been closed. Entries submitted during October 3-10 are not valid and have been excluded from the system; they will not count as a duplicate entry…. Continue Reading →

VB progress explained – again

I’d like to explain some things. First, I work for a living. I am one person. I sleep about 5 or 6 hours a night. I have a family. Because of all these things I cannot answer all your questions… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for December 2017 interviews released

AFRICA: 10,000 Except: Egypt: 6,200 Ethiopia: 6,300 ASIA: 2,500 Except: Iran: 2,150 Nepal: 2,000 EUROPE: 6,000 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS): 4 OCEANIA: 400 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN: 425 The “November” bulletin has been released. It includes details of case numbers… Continue Reading →

DV Lottery entry site down for maintenance

**** UPDATE **** The DV-2019 entry period is being restarted and extended. DV2019 entry period to be restarted     I am getting lots of people asking the same questions so I want to write this one time and refer… Continue Reading →

DV2017 CEAC data

OK – as some of you will know, over the last few days many people have joined together and provided the hands and effort to solve CAPTCHAS on the CEAC system. Xarthisius coded a BRILLIANT tool that was able to… Continue Reading →

CEAC data scraper update

When people from all of the world can communicate, and work together to a common goal we can achieve great things. We (the Briotsimonsays readers) are showing that right now! It’s not even 48 hours since I asked for help on… Continue Reading →

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