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January 2018

Interview capacity and Visa Bulletin pace

Thanks to the scraper software developed by Xarthisius, and the efforts of our band of CAPTCHA solvers, we are getting good data about the number of cases that get scheduled for interviews. If you take a look at the charts… Continue Reading →

2NLs for March 2018 interviews being sent

2NLs are starting to be sent for March interviews. The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check the ESC site for the interview details. Some people that receive the email will find the ESC site is not ready,… Continue Reading →

Government shutdown impact on DV lottery

*** UPDATE Jan 22, 2018*** There has been a vote to “re-open” the government until February 8. The temporary period of funding is intended to allow time for a full budget to be agreed (which is where the deals will… Continue Reading →

This is your African immigrant President Chump

I just wanted to share this short video about the brave young Ghanaian man, Private Emmanuel Mensah, who lost his life a few weeks ago, while saving the lives of others. Private Mensah was staying with family when their building… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for March 2018 interviews released

AFRICA 17,700 Except: Egypt:      12,400 Ethiopia:  16,600 ASIA 4,400 Except: Nepal: 3,875 EUROPE 13,800 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 8 OCEANIA 800 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 800   The “February” bulletin has been released. It includes details of case… Continue Reading →

Why is the VB late

Oh man. I wish I had $10 for every time I have been asked that in the last few days. Usually the Visa Bulletin is released by the 15th of each month. That is in the USA – several hours… Continue Reading →

Dv2018 some further analysis

I’m really busy at work so I have not had very much more time to look at the CEAC data today. However, I do have some thoughts to share.   First of all – as some are beginning to realize… Continue Reading →

2018 CEAC data analysis

OK – we now have the full data file for all regions. Firstly a big thank you to Xarthisius who has worked hard to implement the solution, and has singlehandedly kept the scraper working as much as possible. I also… Continue Reading →

2018 CEAC data scraping update

First of all I want to say Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you health and happiness and I hope this year is the year your dreams come true. As I announced in this earlier post, the… Continue Reading →

DV2018 CEAC data help needed

As expected the 2018 data is now available in CEAC. You can check your own case number at this link, by removing the leading zeros from your case number. So 2018AF000012345 would be entered as 2018AF12345. Please read at the bottom… Continue Reading →

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