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2Nls starting to be sent for September 2019 interviews

2NLs are starting to be sent for September interviews (DV2019). Please note – I am saying STARTING to be sent, some 2NLs will be sent right up until the end of the month. This relates to DV2019, and does not concern DV2020… Continue Reading →

Are the 2NLs late?

As I write it is July 19, 2019. In recent months the first batch of 2NLs would have been sent by now. But I take this “delay” as a good thing. To me it indicates they are trying to squeeze… Continue Reading →

DV2020 when I be interviewed

I have created a video to explain my guesses about how case numbers could progress. Please understand this is ONLY a guess – and it is very early to be making such predictions, but I understand that people need to… Continue Reading →

DV lottery draw process explained

Some years ago I wrote an article explaining the lottery draw process and why we get holes in the process. Given that DV2020 has a LOT of holes, I think this is worth revisiting – so I encourage everyone to… Continue Reading →

DV2020 further analysis and predictions

OK – I have uploaded “part two” of my movie length video. If nothing else this should help you get to sleep – this latest video is VERY long. So – if you are someone that really likes to know… Continue Reading →

DV2020 Selectee number analysis

As most of you already know the DV2020 selectee numbers were released this morning. As I was analyzing the numbers I created a video that explained my analysis and ideas about the numbers but I also wanted to explain with… Continue Reading →

DV2020 selectee numbers released!

This is excellent news for DV2020 cases. Huge relief for many people with high case numbers. I will post a more detailed article later, but I at least wanted to show my analysis process and explain why I am feeling… Continue Reading →

August 2019 Visa Bulletin released

No surprises for DV2019 cases – all current. It is now just a matter of making sure you get your interview in September. 2NLs for September interviews will be sent between the 15th and the end of the month. Interviews… Continue Reading →

DV2019 CEAC data as of July 5

This is a quick analysis video of the CEAC data that was recently scraped. I’m disappointed with the number of 2NLs that were sent. I am certain this year will be underfilled, but also I am convinced there are people… Continue Reading →

Get scraping please

OK, the last 2NLs have been sent, so now we need to scrape the CEAC data to see where we are (how many visas are issued, how many are left and so on. Even though the regions are current, we… Continue Reading →

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