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January 2019

Need to scrape 2NLs for March

We need to scrape to get the full picture of 2NLs that have gone out for March interviews. No further 2NLs will be sent for March interviews now, so the next 2NLs (for April interviews) will go out later this… Continue Reading →

More CEAC numbers to scrape

Now that 2NLs are being sent, we need to update the CEAC data. Xarthisius has made more numbers available to scrape, based on the cases that are current. You can help with the scraping effort by reading the instructions at… Continue Reading →

2NLs being sent for March 2019 interviews

2NLs are starting to be sent for March interviews (DV2019). Some people previously got 2NL emails but then had to wait days or even a couple of weeks before the interview letter showed on the ESC page. Other people waited… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for March 2019 interviews released

Region All DV Chargeability Areas ExceptThose Listed Separately AFRICA 15,300 Except: Egypt  12,600 ASIA 5,000 Except: Iran    4,600            Nepal  3,400 EUROPE 13,500 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  12 OCEANIA 550 SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN 750 This… Continue Reading →

DV2019 CEAC analysis

OK. I have only been awake a couple of hours, and I am getting a lot of questions already expecting answers. I would need more time to be precise, but already from the data there are some obvious points. Let… Continue Reading →

DV2019 CEAC data is available

The scraping is complete. Many people around the world helped with this task, and I am extremely grateful for their effort. Xarthisius has also worked tirelessly over the last few days making changes to the script and even dealing with… Continue Reading →

DV2019 CEAC data AF region sneak peek

I am very proud of the community of people we have here. As a community, there are people all over the world solving captchas for the benefit of all of us. I’m humbled and impressed to be connected to you… Continue Reading →

CEAC scraping update

Many thanks to all those that are helping scraping. We are making great progress, I hope that we will finish AF regio in the next few hours and move on to other regions. Click this link to learn how you… Continue Reading →

CEAC scraping help needed

On January 1 the DV2019 CEAC data became available. as I explained in my last article, the government changed their process again, so Xarthisius worked fast to re-engineer the scraper solution. By everyone spending some time solving captchas while running… Continue Reading →

CEAC system ready for 2019

As expected the 2019 data is now available in CEAC. You can check your own case number at this link, by removing the leading zeros from your case number. So 2019AF000012345 would be entered as 2019AF12345. Please read at the bottom of… Continue Reading →

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