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March 2019

Please get scraping for May 2019 interviews

Now the 2NLs have all been sent for May 2019 interviews we need to get scraping. There are a number of cases that would have expected to be scheduled that did not get an interview, which suggests that embassy capacity… Continue Reading →

2NLs for May 2019 interviews starting to be sent

2NLs are starting to be sent for May interviews (DV2019). Please note – I am saying STARTING to be sent, some 2NLs will be sent right up until the end of the month. Please also understand that 2NLs are only… Continue Reading →

VB for May 2019 interviews released

Region All DV Chargeability Areas ExceptThose Listed Separately AFRICA 24,500 Except: Egypt  18,400 ASIA 7,800 Except: Nepal  4,925 EUROPE 21,900 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  13 OCEANIA 900 SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN 900 This is for May 2019 interviews. It is clear that… Continue Reading →

New document procedure impact

It seems people are misunderstanding the importance and impact of the new document procedure. To those that apply a little logic, it should be clear that this new procedure is impacting the process already, and it should also be clear… Continue Reading →

Get scraping for April 2019 interviews

We need to scrape to get the full picture of 2NLs that have gone out for April interviews. No further 2NLs will be sent for April interviews now, so the next 2NLs (for May interviews) will go out later this… Continue Reading →

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