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Month April 2019

Last 2NLs for June 2019 interviews being sent now

In the last hour KCC have pushed the button to send the remaining 2NLs for June 2019 interviews. Please refer to my earlier 2NLs announcement for more info and to read where I had pointed out this second batch would… Continue Reading →

2NLs for June 2019 interviews being sent

2NLs are starting to be sent for June interviews (DV2019). Please note – I am saying STARTING to be sent, some 2NLs will be sent right up until the end of the month. Please also understand that 2NLs are only… Continue Reading →

VB for June 2019 interviews released

Region All DV Chargeability Areas ExceptThose Listed Separately AFRICA 37,200 Except: Egypt  21,100 ASIA 10,000 Except: Nepal  5,775 EUROPE 26,800 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  14 OCEANIA 1,025 SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN 1,150 This is for June 2019 interviews. OK, so as discussed… Continue Reading →

Life after the Lottery – experience stories.

I’m sure people wonder what it is like making a life in the USA after moving there as a new immigrant. Everyone has their own unique experience, but it would be great to capture some real world experiences so that… Continue Reading →

Further analysis of backlog as of April 2019

Yesterday I posted an article explaining how the new document procedure has impacted the process thus far, causing low issued numbers. I think my concern might need further clarification. This is something that mostly affects EU and AF region. AS… Continue Reading →

DV2019 progress as of April 1

Firstly, many thanks to those of you that spent your own precious time in scraping the data over the last few days – some of you are doing an amazing selfless task and I am delighted to respond to those… Continue Reading →

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