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May 2019

Please get scraping

Now the 2NLs have all been sent for July 2019 interviews we need to get scraping. Even though the regions are current, we need to see how many interviews have been arranged, and how many visas have been issued, along… Continue Reading →

DV2019 selectees not yet interviewed – please read this

I am concerned about the remaining weeks in DV2019. If you are already interviewed, or scheduled for interview, there is no need to be worried, but my impression is that there are still a lot of cases that want interviews… Continue Reading →

2NLs being sent for July 2019 interviews

2NLs are starting to be sent for July interviews (DV2019). Please note – I am saying STARTING to be sent, some 2NLs will be sent right up until the end of the month. This relates to DV2019, and does not concern DV2020… Continue Reading →

VB for July interviews released

AFRICA CURRENT Except: Egypt  23,400 ASIA CURRENT Except: Nepal  6,275 EUROPE CURRENT   NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  CURRENT   OCEANIA CURRENT   SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN CURRENT   This is for July 2019 interviews. It ONLY affects DV2019 cases, it has NO… Continue Reading →

DV2020 don’t submit DS260 until you read this

At the time of writing it is a few days after the DV2020 results were made available. People have noticed that I am suggesting people don’t rush to submit their DS260. I would even say that the majority of cases… Continue Reading →

DV2020 Basic Questions

We have many DV2020 selectees with very basic questions. Let me try and address the most frequent ones here in the hope that people will read this. If you ask a question and I give you a link to this… Continue Reading →

DV2020 Entrants and Winners Please read this

First let me address people checking their results and later on this page I have some comments for winners. Please read the whole page carefully and note the embedded links. Click the links. Read. Please. Britsimon As I write this… Continue Reading →

June 2NLs removed from ESC

Just a quick note to calm some nerves. I have received a lot of messages from people who have been scheduled for June interviews (and possibly May interview cases also, I am not certain) who have seen that their 2NLs… Continue Reading →

Checking your DV2020 lottery result

OK – in less than 48 hours another new batch of hopeful entrants will want to check the lottery results to see if they are selected. This post is for the hopeful candidates!!! Based on previous years I can make… Continue Reading →

More backlog analysis as of May 2019

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain what we can see with the latest CEAC data. Big thanks to all that spent time scraping, it is very much appreciated. This article can be seen as an update to… Continue Reading →

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