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June 2019

Get scraping please

OK, the last 2NLs have been sent, so now we need to scrape the CEAC data to see where we are (how many visas are issued, how many are left and so on. Even though the regions are current, we… Continue Reading →

Time is running out for DV2019 cases

The final 2NLs for August cases have been sent. For those DV2019 cases that have not yet been scheduled, PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this video and take action if needed.

Big Changes coming to the DV Lottery

There are big changes being proposed to the Green Card lottery. The changes will probably be implemented in time for the DV2021 entry period this October. It DOES NOT affect DV2019 or DV2020 in ANY way. You can watch the… Continue Reading →

2NLs being sent for August 2019 interviews

2NLs are starting to be sent for August interviews (DV2019). Please note – I am saying STARTING to be sent, some 2NLs will be sent right up until the end of the month. This relates to DV2019, and does not concern DV2020… Continue Reading →

New procedure and backlog analysis video posted

I have added a video on my YouTube channel to explain 2NL analysis, backlog concerns and a warning to DV2019 selectees that have not yet been scheduled. Please take a look at the video to understand more about the urgency… Continue Reading →

VB for August 2019 released

Region All DV Chargeability Areas ExceptThose Listed Separately   AFRICA CURRENT   ASIA CURRENT   EUROPE CURRENT   NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  CURRENT   OCEANIA CURRENT   SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN CURRENT   No big surprise here, the regions were already… Continue Reading →

DS260 changed to add social media info

In the past couple of days the DS260 has been updated, and whilst there may be a few subtle changes there has been one particularly interesting change – social media accounts. The DS260 now has a section with the following… Continue Reading →

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