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Year 2020

Summary of lawsuit status

Curtis Morrision posted a summary of how he sees the status after the first hearing. I think it is a fair assessment of where we stand so I will post it here then discuss a few additional points. RE: DV… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit hearing update

The hearing is in progress. I’m just going to take some rough notes and keep updating as the hearing progresses. Some discussion of “standing” and the judge asks to simplify since there are hundreds of individuals on the Aker case… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit update

OK – many of you have been wondering about the lawsuits and I have a little news. There is a lot of work being done on various legal cases, as well as political moves. It’s all quite complex, and honestly… Continue Reading →

Request for previous winners willing to be interviewed for a documentary

I am posting here a request that was sent to me. It’s a good thing to promote the DV lottery experience – both good experiences and those more challenging ones. So – if any of you would like to participate… Continue Reading →

Meng amendment and No Ban Act update

Final VB of Fiscal year 2020 published

The August Visa Bulletin has been published, with no change from the previous bulletin – all regions current, no country exceptions. This is for the interviews that should in theory be scheduled in September – but of course we have… Continue Reading →

Another lawsuit filed on behalf of DV lottery selectees

Just as an update regarding the AILA lawsuit that I was involved with, there is also another lawsuit filed this week, this time exclusively for DV lottery selectees. The suit has 75 plaintiffs listed, with a brief summary of each… Continue Reading →

AILA lawsuit filed today

As some of you will have seen already, the AILA class action lawsuit has been filed today in the District of Columbia. I know many lawyers have spent countless hours putting together this lawsuit, working long days, including weekends and… Continue Reading →

Update July 15 2020 about the lawsuits

I posted these two videos last night, the first is a status update about the ban and embassy reopening. That is important for DV2020 and DV2021 selectees. The second video is applicable to DV2020 selectees.

For people holding expired visas due to COVID

There are many people affected by COVID problems and Trump’s latest ban. One of the most unfair consequences is for people that had completed their processing, been issued with visas, and now, due to the COVID travel restrictions, have been… Continue Reading →

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