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Month June 2020

Incredible response to the call for plaintiffs – thank you

So just around 24 hours ago I published a form where people could provide their details in order that the legal team from the AILA could pick some representative plaintiffs in various countries, regions and stages of the process. The… Continue Reading →

Collecting Cases for a lawsuit against the immigration ban

****UPDATE**** We have more than enough responses now, so I am about to close the form. Please read this article to know more about what will happen next. The AILA is the professional body for immigration lawyers in the USA)…. Continue Reading →

Immigrant ban extended

The Trump administration has extended the April 22nd ban until the end of 2020. This represents a huge blow to DV2020 applicants and could also affect DV2021. It does not affect people already in LPR status (Green Card holders) It… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for August 2020 interviews is released

Region All DV Chargeability Areas ExceptThose Listed Separately   AFRICA CURRENT   ASIA CURRENT   EUROPE CURRENT   NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  CURRENT   OCEANIA CURRENT   SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN CURRENT Just to be clear – this Visa Bulletin is… Continue Reading →

For people who cannot submit the DS260 for DV2021

Each year we have some technical challenges and this year is no exception. Many people have reported that they cannot submit their DS260. There are a number of reasons that can cause that. Here are the things to try: Symptom… Continue Reading →

Explaining DV2021 case numbers

OK – this is early days of DV2021, so it is too soon to know everything, but to help people understand about case numbers I put this video together.

DV2021 winners – how to process your case

Clickable Links! Omission of a derivative Country of chargeability Education or work experience How to complete the DS260 How to submit documents Frequently Asked Questions

DV2021 Basic Questions

We will have many DV2021 selectees with very basic questions. Let me try and address the most frequent ones here in the hope that people will read this. If you ask a question and I give you a link to… Continue Reading →

Update June 3, 2020

Some thoughts to keep you updated as May has ended and embassies are still closed.

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