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Month August 2020

Holes rate for OC and SA regions

I have created a video to explain the holes rate for OC and SA regions. This will give you a better idea of where your case sits relative to all the other cases in your region. If you understand what… Continue Reading →

More detailed analysis for EU and AS regions

I have created two videos explaining my thoughts on EU and AS regions for DV2021 winners. Africa is much more complex due to the numerous limited countries. Therefore I cannot produce such a clear explanation for AF region. We will… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit hearing notes

I am going to listen to the hearing and capture notes here as the hearing continues. I may only be able to attend for one hour, so after that I would appreciate if others can add comments about progress. BUT… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit hearing tomorrow

Tomorrow the lawsuit hearing will take place. I don’t think I need to remind you what is at stake – this will be enormously important. The hearing is on all of the four cases against the immigrant ban. We may… Continue Reading →

Case number survey update

A couple of days ago I started a survey form to collect case numbers. The response has been terrific, as usual, you all came through with what I asked for. So – that has given us some interesting new data… Continue Reading →

Case Number survey – please help

Probably more than other years, I think it is important we get a better, more precise idea of case number ranges. Through my blog and my video channel, my readership is probably the most used site for information, so, while… Continue Reading →

DV2021 Selectee number analysis

OK – I have produced several videos to explain what we know so far about the case numbers after the release of the per country numbers. There is a lot of information, and it is too much information to type… Continue Reading →

First DV2021 Visa Bulletin published

OK – the new Visa bulletin has been published. The naming convention of the bulletins are odd – because this one is being published in August, is named, the “September” Visa Bulletin and gives the numbers for October interviews. That… Continue Reading →

Update about August 12 hearing and other news

OK, as we all know there was a lawsuit status conference today and I have a couple of updates from that hearing. In general, as I think I have already mentioned, the judge is controlling things quite well, obviously fairly… Continue Reading →

Summary of lawsuit status

Curtis Morrision posted a summary of how he sees the status after the first hearing. I think it is a fair assessment of where we stand so I will post it here then discuss a few additional points. RE: DV… Continue Reading →

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