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Visa Bulletin for July 2020 interviews released

The visa bulletin that covers July interviews has been released – no big surprise – all regions are current and the two limited countries are unchanged. For Nepal and Egypt there was probably no point in increasing the numbers since… Continue Reading →

Information about a possible lawsuit

There is a lawyer who is planning to file a lawsuit against the government to try and force them to process the cases of his clients by September 30th. There are fees involved, and there is no guarantee of success…. Continue Reading →

Update for May 1 2020

These video goes into my explanation of when interviews will be scheduled, what effects the immigration ban will have and what you need to do to make sure you get your interview. If you are a DV2020 selectee who has… Continue Reading →

VB for June 2020 – Questions and Answers

With the release of the VB this am there are a lot of questions being asked over and over again. So – this video should help answer many of the questions. AOS info : https://forums.immigration.com/threads/dv-2020-aos-only.340762/

Visa Bulletin published for June 2020 interviews

Region All DV Chargeability Areas ExceptThose Listed Separately   AFRICA CURRENT Except:  Egypt  42,000 ASIA CURRENT Except:  Nepal  13,500 EUROPE CURRENT   NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS)  CURRENT   OCEANIA CURRENT   SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN CURRENT It’s amazing how the world has… Continue Reading →

Trump signs Executive Order for 60 day ban on immigration

Trump has signed the EO of the ban he described in a tweet a couple of days ago. Looking at the text of the ban there are some important points. It does not affect people who already have a valid… Continue Reading →

Trump Tweet a temporary immigration ban

There is a lot of speculation about the tweet Trump posted yesterday, but right now that is all it is – just a tweet. We need to wait for the executive order to understand what impacts there could be. But… Continue Reading →

DV2021 results day postponed

Some of you have noticed a tweet by the state department that says the results day has been postponed from May 5 to June 6. The announcement hasn’t been made officially yet but given the source is the official Twitter… Continue Reading →

Update and Q&A as of April 3, 2020

This is a long video addresses many of the normal questions people are asking at this time. It’s a Q&A for some questions I was asked, but the questions are the common ones that come up time and time again.

Will the lottery be cancelled?

People are asking this several times a day, so I created a quick video about this. Whether you are asking about DV2020 end date of September 30th, 2020, or whether you are concerned about the new lottery with results to… Continue Reading →

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