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2nls being sent for January 2019 interviews

2NLs are starting to be sent for January interviews (DV2019). They have implemented the new document procedure recently, so I would be interested to hear from those that got the 2NL if they did or did NOT send documents to… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for January 2019 interviews released

AFRICA 13,100 Except: Egypt  8,300 ASIA 3,800 Except: Iran    2,900 Nepal  2,150 EUROPE 8,800 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 12 OCEANIA 350 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 550   This is for January interviews and is the fourth VB for the… Continue Reading →

New document submission procedure update

OK – a few days ago I posted an article about a new document procedure that is happening. At the time I did not know that much about the new procedure – I think some people get the impression that… Continue Reading →

KCC using new document procedure in some cases

Just in the last couple of days a number of people have received an email from KCC asking for an applicant to submit the main required documents by email. This is a new procedure implemented this week. The official instructions… Continue Reading →

DV2020 entry problems

I am getting MANY people complaining that they cannot complete their DV2020 entry. The registration period is due to close on November 6, so time is getting short. I don’t know why this is broken, and I don’t know when… Continue Reading →

2NLs for December 2018 interviews being sent

2NLs are starting to be sent for December interviews (DV2019). I have only seen a couple of people saying they have received their 2NL, so it is likely that they are spreading out the 2NLs over time – possibly the… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for December 2018 interviews released

  AFRICA       9,800 Except: Egypt  6,200 ASIA 2,900 Except: Iran    2,200 Nepal  1,500 EUROPE 6,600 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 11 OCEANIA 290 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 475     This is for December interviews and is… Continue Reading →

Analysis about the low DV2018 cutoff number for EU

Now that DV2018 is over, and the dust is settling, it is natural that people want to know why the cutoff number in EU was so low compared to previous years, what happened, and will that repeat. So – I… Continue Reading →

Final CEAC data for DV2018 available – some thoughts

As many of you will know, we are able to extract the CEAC data which shows whether each case was approved, refused and so on. Xarthisius (a DV winner himself) created the software solution to do that, and a number of… Continue Reading →

DV2020 registration period begins

The registration period for DV2020 is about to open (about 1 hour from now) – so a few pointers to help make it successful.   The entry period is from October 3 to November 6 and it opens at Noon… Continue Reading →

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