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When will DV2021 interviews start?

OK – so we are past the point when we should have seen 2NLs for January interviews. We can assume, then, that we will not have January interviews. In the video below I explain when we might get interviews, what… Continue Reading →

More updates about new DV2020 legal options

I am seeing questions from people about a couple of new legal options DV2020 lawsuits and so on, and I feel like I need to be a bit more clear with my readers about these lawsuits. I had previously posted… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for January interviews released

OK the new Via Bulletin is released, and this one is pretty important. I am HOPING that KCC will begin to schedule interviews between now and the end of the month – these would be for January interviews. Of course… Continue Reading →

Current status for DV2020 cases

I posted a video a few days ago to clarify the current status for DV2020 cases. One topic discussed in that video (linked below) my perspective regarding a new lawsuit being suggested. I said I do NOT recommend participation in… Continue Reading →

Joe Biden elected President

Awesome news, it’s taken a few days, as was predicted, but now we are sure, there will be a return to decency in the Whitehouse.

Visa Bulletin for December 2020 released

Again, as we have seen in previous months this year the Visa Bulletin was released much later than normal. However, that does not mean anything it itself – so please don’t read anything into that. Also, we can see the… Continue Reading →

FAQ updated with lawsuit specific questions

Please take a look at the video to learn how to use the FAQ about the lawsuit. Here is the link

Update from the AILA team and clarification of where we stand now.

Please read below the statement from AILA about the current situation. Basically, it means we are going to have to wait until the litigation is entirely finished, which could take weeks or months. Until then, the Judge’s order protected EVERYONE… Continue Reading →

October 1 update – please read

Morning all – I slept well last night and took a long walk on the beach. I hope you all are rested too. I took Curtis’ advice and I have been breathing and drinking water. ๐Ÿ™‚ I suggest you all… Continue Reading →

Court judgement released.

Ok, this is a slightly complex order. We won some things, and lost some things. Overall, I am THRILLED with this result. We asked for a lot, in part knowing we would not get everything. First, 9095 visas have been… Continue Reading →

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