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Visa bulletin for February 2018 interviews released

AFRICA 14,300 Except: Egypt:      10,300 Ethiopia:  13,500 ASIA 4,050 Except: Iran:    3,700 Nepal: 3,225 EUROPE 10,700 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 6 OCEANIA 615 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 625   The “January” bulletin has been released. It includes… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin web address moved

Without any announcement the Visa Bulletin url has changed.   The new address is:

DV2017 visa issuance data released

The government have released the annual visa issuances for DV lottery cases along with some other categories. You can see the per country, regional and global totals at this link. The global number of visas issued were 49067. Remember this… Continue Reading →

Travel Ban 3.0 update

As many of you will know, there have been 3 versions of the travel ban. There have been various blocks placed on each of the travel bans, and it is quite difficult to keep up with the current status. So… Continue Reading →

2NLs for January interviews are being sent

This is very early – so that might mean it will take a few days before all 2NLs are sent. The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check the ESC site for the interview details. Some people… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for January 2018 interviews released

AFRICA: 13,000Except:Egypt: 8,300Ethiopia: 9,200ASIA: 3,400Except:Iran: 2,800Nepal: 2,650EUROPE: 8,200 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS): 5OCEANIA: 475SOUTH AMERICA,and the CARIBBEAN: 500   The “December” bulletin has been released. It includes details of case numbers that are current for January interviews. Those that are current, and have… Continue Reading →

Idiotic comments from Trump about the DV lottery

Trump says idiotic things every of the week. Honestly, it is hard to even take him seriously anymore – but I know people will be concerned about his comments today – so I will address them. As many will know,… Continue Reading →

Latest travel ban ended for most people

As I mentioned in my post the other day the latest version of the travel ban was blocked by a Federal judge in Hawaii, and now also by one additional court.  The block eliminates the travel ban restrictions for the… Continue Reading →

2NLs being sent for December 2017 interviews

People have started receiving their 2NLs for December 2017  interviews. This will take a few hours – and possibly even a couple of days before all have gone out. The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check… Continue Reading →

Latest travel ban being fought

*** Update *** Travel ban lifted – for now.   The latest travel ban is due to go into force tomorrow. However, today, a judge in Hawaii has blocked the ban, in the same way that the previous ban was… Continue Reading →

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