A lot of people have been experiencing a problem when they try and enter their DS260. Sometimes this happens to cases before the DS260 is completed, sometimes, it is after the selectee has entered their form and wants to check it or make changes.

They will see a message similar to “Invalid Immigrant Visa Case Number”.

Now – this at first seems like a system glitch. It does not happen to every case, but it has happened to aplicants in every region. So – it is unlikely to mean any problem to your specific case.

So – in cases  like this people can do one of two things.

  1. Wait. If your case is not current soon and you don’t need to make changes, then you could just wait. This problem may get fixed.
  2. Contact KCC. They will in some cases tell you that you can make changes at the interview, but if you need to make changes such as adding a derivative, to contact the embassy and make an appointment. People have done that, gone to the embassy and received a passcode. They then are told to contact KCC again with that passcode who do something to allow the form to be accessed.

I have no idea what the procedure in option 2 achieves. I don’t know any more about it at this time (September 2018).