OK – many people enter their confirmation details in the ESC page and the system tells them that there is a problem in the data they are entering. For DV2018 – for a while that was a system glitch. However, the system glitch is now fixed and some people are still having a problem – so that probably means they are doing something wrong.

Every year I get many people telling me they have a problem. They SWEAR they are following the instructions correctly – so they send me their details. In every single case (except with the 2018 glitch), my attempt with their data works first time. Every. Single. Time.  That is after they have tried and I have told them what to do. So – this is a self inflicted error.

So – let me explain. The confirmation will have fields as shown below:


Entrant Name:


Confirmation Number:


Year of Birth:


Digital Signature:


Hopefully you have that saved as data and not a jpg. Data is easier because you won’t make a mistake Taking a “1” and confusing with “I, or “0” and “O” and so on.


  1. If you have the data you can copy the Confirmation code/number and open the ESC page. Enter that code and make sure there are no extra spaces after the code.
  2. Then enter your last name. The lastname is what appears *** BEFORE*** the comma. So, in the example above that is LOPEZ SMITH (some countries have two last names, some will have one).
  3. Then enter just the year of birth
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code

Do that, and you should have no problem.