These are the words, or terms you will hear in the DV process.


1NL – The letter you saw on the ESC page that said you were selected.

2NL – For Consular processing, this is the interview appointment notification. The FAQ describes what that looks like. For AOS cases the 2NL is the letter from KCC they send once you submit the DS260 informing them you intend to adjust status.

CP – Consular processing – meaning interviewing in a consulate/embassy outside of the USA

AOS – Adjustment of Status – processing inside the USA at a USCIS Field Office.

FO – Field Office

AP – Administrative Processing. This is technically a temporary refusal – 221(g). In fact it means your case cannot be decided immediately, either because additional checks are being made after the interview or you have to provide some missing documents you were asked for during or after the interview.

CURRENT – when a region is marked as current on the VB it means there are enough visas for their estimation of remaining demand. Enough visas for everyone in that region.

DS260 – the online form you complete to apply for immigration.

I-134 – an affidavit of support completed by someone in the USA willing to support you financially.