To unlock your case, you must send an email to KCC – Their email address is

You need to include your full name, Full case number (like 2020AF00031999) and your date of birth in Month/Day/Year format (MM/DD/YYYY)

You do not need to provide a reason to unlock. So you email can have the following format.


Email subject: Unlock request


Email Body:

Name: Firstname Middlename lastname

Case Number: 2020AF00031999

Date of Birth: 10/23/1981


Dear Sir/Madam,

Please unlock my DS260 form as I would like to make some revisions.

Thank you.


If you are unlocking the case of a derivative, you need to include the details shown above for the principal selectee, AND then make clear which derivative form you need to be unlocked.

Note that it can take as little as a few hours to get your form unlocked, but in busier times it can take up to 2 weeks. Once the form is unlocked, KCC email you.

KCC will not unlock your form once your case has been scheduled, and there is a period of time just before your 2NL is sent when your case cannot be unlocked because it is already scheduled in their system even though it has not gone to the embassy yet. That period of time is just after the VB has been released up until the 2NL goes out.