Not yet scheduled for interview

Interview location is normally based on your current address. If you are not yet current, the process to change your interview location is a 2 step process.

  1. You unlock the DS260 to change your current address to the new address (new country) and resubmit the form.
  2. Email KCC and ask them to change the interview location.

Changing early enough will not delay your case. If you leave this too late KCC may not be able to do this.


Already scheduled

If you are already scheduled for an interview, the process to change is more complicated, and you should ONLY do it if it cannot be done any other way. Ideally you need to check with the new embassy whether they will schedule your case. They might not accept it or they might accept it but much later than your original interview. If you still want to change, you contact the original embassy and ask them to transfer your case to the new embassy.

During the transfer your case status on CEAC will show “Transfer”. The transfer can take time and if something goes wrong between the two embassies you can get significantly delayed.

As I mention – ONLY do this if you have no choice.