An Infopass appointment is useful in Adjustment of Status (AoS) cases to get an idea of how your case is going. Often, a well time and well prepared infopass appointment can get a case moving. Below I have pasted some notes I wrote in order to explain how to prepare for an Infopass.  An infopass is ONLY for AoS cases – those being processed in the USA. I hope it helps.


You need to prepare for the Infopass, because otherwise they fob you off and tell you to wait (because most people have to wait a lot longer than we do, so the IOs are very used to telling people to wait). Try and have a mental or written note of things to ask – I think of it like a checklist. These are the things that you need to have completed (Mom please add if there is anything missed).

  1. I-485 submitted and sent to the FO (obviously done otherwise you wouldn’t be there, but just so you have a list).
  2. Biometric completed?
  3. Background/Name check completed?
  4. Receipts for the DV fee and the AoS fee (you should have those – but point them out).
  5. Have the FO requested the file from KCC? Have they received it? (check whether KCC say it’s been requested or sent).

So, when you are at the infopass, thinking calm thoughts, don’t get rushed and explain to the IO on the desk that you would like to check to see if everything is ready for the interview. Get them to agree and get them on your side. Then go through the list and ask them to confirm things (2, 3, and 5 are what you are asking them about). Once you confirm that all those things are ready, you are ready for the interview. If all that is ready, then POLITELY ask “OK, so what are we waiting for to schedule the interview?”. 

If I were you I would also have the policy memo (link below) that counters the argument that DV cases are not subject to special processing. They are, and the memo (which is binding on the staff you will be talking to) confirms that. However, do not be aggressive or argumentative, instead talk about your fear that DV slots will run out as they did the last two years.…013/August/DV-Related I-485 Applications .pdf