The 2NL (2nd notification letter) is actually a two part notification. It is important because it is the notification of the interview appointment. The 1NL is the letter that said “you have been selected”. The 2NLs are sent out about one to two weeks after the visa bulletin release. The VB is typically released in the first half of each month (between the 8th and 15th of each month) and the 2NLs are sent in the 2nd half of the month.


So – when KCC sends the 2NLs. First KCC sends out an email, and that email directs you to check the Entrant Status Check site.


So the email looks like this:-



Notes that it is from “”.

You can also see that it directs you to check the ESC –

Once you login to that site you will see a letter with appointment details – this is the actual 2NL – and it looks like this:-



Since the email has no information, you don’t actually need it. When you hear that 2NLs are going out (and you expect you will be scheduled) you can check the ESC page and get your interview details. If you don’t have the 2NL details in the ESC, then you should simply check the next month.