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DHS confirms travel ban lifted visas reinstated

The Department of Homeland Security are complying with the order to suspend the travel ban. Things have returned to the position BEFORE Trump signed the Executive Order. Visas that were “provisionally revoked” are automatically reinstated UNLESS they have been physically… Continue Reading →

Travel ban blocked in court

This is an important development. This afternoon a Federal judge in Washington State has issued a restraining order that immediately blocks the travel ban. It is a powerful step. The Whitehouse has issued a statement that they intend to appeal… Continue Reading →

Update about the travel ban and recent ruling

As I write this, the Executive Order has been in place almost exactly 1 week. I have given several updates, and I have another to give, but first I wanted to take a moment to explain the way the US… Continue Reading →

Travel ban update

Right now in the USA it is Monday around lunchtime. The travel ban was announced on Friday afternoon, so really not very much time has elapsed since the ban was announced. The Department of Homeland Security had not been pre-warned… Continue Reading →

KCC statement regarding ban

Please look at this link for clear answers to questions on how DV cases will be handled while the 90 day ban is in force.

Executive order what we know so far

OK, it is not even a full day since Trump has signed his executive order. Trump being Trump, the order is horribly confusing, and imprecise. It is difficult to be certain how it will impact people in the affected countries…. Continue Reading →

Executive order – signed version

The executive order is not posted on the site as of now, but this is my understanding of the signed executive order.   I note a number of changes from the draft version. Most impactful of which is a… Continue Reading →

Trump has signed the executive order

Trump has signed the executive order described in my earlier post. At this moment I don’t have the accurate text of the executive order that was actually signed. It is likely to be according to the draft that was leaked… Continue Reading →

Trump executive order on immigration

So let me start by saying I apologize. On behalf of all decent people in America I am sorry that we have inflicted Trump on the world. Trump won the election with a minority of the votes, but due to… Continue Reading →

2NLs for March 2017 interviews being sent

People started receiving their 2NLs for March 2017  interviews.   It will take a few hours – and possibly even a couple of days before all have gone out. The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check the ESC… Continue Reading →

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