People are receiving their 2NLs for February interviews, some went on Christmas eve, and some are going today.  It will take a few hours – and possibly even a couple of days before all have gone out.

The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check the ESC site for the interview details. Some will find the ESC site is not ready, those people should try again after a few hours.

It would be GREAT if those that received their 2NLs would add a reply to this message saying when they submitted their DS260. A survey like that helps us understand the processing time for the DS260 and let’s us understand the backlog.

Please add your first submission date, and if you unlocked please add that resubmission date and the data you changed. That is helpful for all.

Now – if you do not get your expected interview, please come back here and read updates to this page to see the feedback I will have received.

Based on comments I have received, I suspect we will see some people with DS260s as late as early September in this batch. If correct, that would indicate (as I mentioned last month) that the backlog is reducing somewhat, so whilst there will always be some backlog, we might be seeing slightly faster DS260 processing times.



Based on comments received, it does indeed seem that processing speed has increased (which is simply that there is less time spent waiting). Several cases with early to mid September submissions have received their 2NLs.