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Year 2014

BritSimonSays annual report

BritSimonSays annual report Although I have been active in DV forums over the last couple of years I only started this blog in October 2014. Since then I have had over 42,000 visits to my site from 151 countries around… Continue Reading →

Move money to the USA

In response to some questions I want to posted some information on how to move money to the USA for when you move there to live. The concerns are security and how to convert your money without giving too much… Continue Reading →

Nigeria DV2015 case number reduction

I have posted a few times about how Nigeria will impact the case numbers this year – the Nigeria DV2015 case number reduction. Some people have a hard time grasping what I mean when I say that AF numbers could… Continue Reading →

January Visa Bulletin Released

January Visa Bulletin Released   AFRICA 26000 Except: Egypt: 12000 Ethiopia: 15500 ASIA 3,825 EUROPE 20,500 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 5 OCEANIA 775 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 875   Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed Separately AFRICA 26,000 Except: Egypt:       12,000… Continue Reading →

DV lottery scams

There are a number of DV lottery scams which cause a great deal of heartache and hassle. The US government is tirelessly trying to make things harder for scammers but greedy people will always find a way to exploit people…. Continue Reading →

DV2014 numbers published

Each year the US Department of State publishes a “yearbook” giving data on visas and immigration for the fiscal year previous. They are just now publishing their data and some (not all) tables can be found here. The data is… Continue Reading →

Holes theory illustration

I was asked some questions about Ethiopian case numbers so I thought it would be useful to have a Holes theory illustration on Ethiopia. This post is useful to further understand the way that the draw process cuts off certain… Continue Reading →

Obama immigration announcement

Official announcement text   Washington — In a November 20 televised address to the American people, President Obama laid out his plan to improve border security and enforce current immigration law more effectively within the scope of his executive authority,… Continue Reading →

University student on AP for education proof

In the Greek embassy a selectee has been placed on Administrative Processing (AP) until she can provide her education information. She is currently almost finished with a University degree and presented her High School degree which she had authenticated by… Continue Reading →

How to read the Visa Bulletin

How to read the Visa Bulletin for DV selectees This question comes up surprisingly often – people get confused with how to read the visa bulletin. Once you know, it seems very obvious, but let’s just run through it. If… Continue Reading →

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