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Month December 2020

Visa Bulletin for February 2021 interviews released

The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one would normally be the bulletin controlling interviews in February, but of course we can assume that KCC will not schedule interviews in February because nothing has changed, from their perspective. The… Continue Reading →

BritSimon Interviews

I have decided to record some video interviews with people, because I love to hear their experiences and I think you will too. I’ll be speaking to people at different stages of the process, from various countries and backgrounds. Over… Continue Reading →

Live Q&A session December 5, 2020

I held a live Q&A session yesterday, so if you have not seen that you can go and see the questions I answered. The questions I am answering appear on the bottom of the screen now – and I think… Continue Reading →

When will DV2021 interviews start?

OK – so we are past the point when we should have seen 2NLs for January interviews. We can assume, then, that we will not have January interviews. In the video below I explain when we might get interviews, what… Continue Reading →

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