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Year 2020

Update from the AILA team and clarification of where we stand now.

Please read below the statement from AILA about the current situation. Basically, it means we are going to have to wait until the litigation is entirely finished, which could take weeks or months. Until then, the Judge’s order protected EVERYONE… Continue Reading →

October 1 update – please read

Morning all – I slept well last night and took a long walk on the beach. I hope you all are rested too. I took Curtis’ advice and I have been breathing and drinking water. ๐Ÿ™‚ I suggest you all… Continue Reading →

Court judgement released.

Ok, this is a slightly complex order. We won some things, and lost some things. Overall, I am THRILLED with this result. We asked for a lot, in part knowing we would not get everything. First, 9095 visas have been… Continue Reading →

DV2022 dates changed and announced

Breaking news – As many of you will know the US embassy in Cuba had announced what I believe was the planned entry period for the DV2022 visa lottery. That period was designated to start on the 1st day or… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit hearing notes for Monday 28th

Judge Mehta will shortly be holding a hearing to decide whether to “extend” DV2020 or not. I say extend in quotes, because it actually would not be an extension mostly likely, but rather the Judge would tell the government to… Continue Reading →

Very important video about documents

There are many people who are not yet ready for scheduling. I am most concerned about the DV2020 cases, because if we get an “extension” (and I think there is a great chance we will), then it won’t help you… Continue Reading →

DV 2021 entry numbers and analysis

We just got entry data for the 2019 to 2021, which shows the amzing impact of the new passport requirement. It shows which countries had the biggest reductions, and using the data I show some interesting statistics including chance of… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for November released

The new VB was released – very late, but it doesn’t really affect anything. As we know, there will not be interviews scheduled as embassies for November, although people on adjustment of status in the USA can use these numbers…. Continue Reading →

Update about the Kennedy case (Curtis 3.0)

In the last few minutes Judge Mehta held a hearing for the Kennedy v Trump case which was the case with about 1000 plaintiffs seeking some additional relief separate to (or in addition to) the Gomez cases. The legal team… Continue Reading →

Hearing set for today September 22

A special hearing has been set for today at 4pm for the parties to review the report provided by the government regarding progress. The time will be 4pm Eastern USA timezone. If you want to listen in you can do… Continue Reading →

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