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Month February 2021

What about DV2021 – what will happen now?

OK – so let’s talk about DV2021. Unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard me saying for some months now that the revocation is not the only hurdle we will have. There are many more… Continue Reading →

PP10014 is gone!!!

Updated info below! Really great news – President Biden has stepped in and revoked PP10014. He even referred to DV2020 in the proclamation – which you can read here. Also there is an important announcement from the State department explaining… Continue Reading →

New video on document submission tips

I have created a video on this before – but still people get things wrong – so let me update that info here. This video is all about tips to make sure you send all the required documents to KCC…. Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for April 2021 interviews is released

The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one would normally be the bulletin controlling interviews in April, but of course we probably can assume that KCC will not schedule interviews in February because nothing has changed yet, from their… Continue Reading →

Explaining the current status for DV2020 visa holders

So as you are all probably aware now, there was much to celebrate for DV2020 visa holders today. A lot happened in quite a short space of time. I have now had a better chance to read the order by… Continue Reading →

Thoughts about why Biden didn’t take action yesterday

So I, like many of you I’m sure, didn’t sleep much last night. I am dissapointed that Biden did not remove 10014/10052. He should have done so – and I believe there was some sort of reversal in the days… Continue Reading →

Biden has NOT revoked PP10014 – what now

President Biden signed three executive orders today, and the third one seems to propose a review of ALL the immigration policy enacted by the previous administration. Secretary Mayorkas would obviously be involved in that review, as would others. BUT, critically… Continue Reading →

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