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Month March 2021

What can you do if your documents are not being processed

I’m getting various versions of this question many many times every dat. So let me give some tips here, so that I don’t have to repeat my answers again and again. First – what should you expect? KCC will sometimes… Continue Reading →

2NLs for May 2021 interviews being sent

I’m seeing several cases of 2NLs being sent – this is what I mentioned on my live a couple of days ago. Now just remember the 2NLs sent today will not be the only ones for May – there will… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for May 2021 interviews is published

The new Visa Bulletin has been released. This one is for interviews in May, and there is good progress in the numbers. What is encouraging for me though is that they have released the VB “on time”. That hasn’t happened… Continue Reading →

Who will be scheduled for DV2021 at the moment

I am seeing lots of confused people at the moment. People don’t seem to understand how the scheduling works and why cases don’t seem to be scheduled in a set order. So let me try and capture everything here. DS260… Continue Reading →

2NLs being sent out for DV2021 cases

2NLs are going out for April interviews in all regions. Not all embassies, of course, but all regions. These are not the “March 2NLs” – they are effectively February ones going late. We’ll have to wait and see how many… Continue Reading →

Big DV2021 news – going live in 5 minutes

The news is that some 2NLs have been sent for Algiers US Embassy – watch the video below where I discuss what that means in the first few mintes. https://www.youtube.com/c/BritSimon

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