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Month September 2021

Judge Mehta has released a DV2021 reservation order

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZLcj5DNtrAw1_n12y_3vzXYNGroi2eKV/view?usp=sharing He is reserving a low number of visas for Goodluck (6914) and Goh (481). Dissapointed to now get more than that. Will update here as I study the order. The logic for the numbers is explained in the order…. Continue Reading →

DV2023 Entry dates announced

The entry period for DV2023 has been announced – it is October 6 to November 9 2021. Winners will be announced next May. This is all normal, and unaffected by the current lawsuits. As ever there are several points to… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for November 2021 interviews released

The visa bulletin has been released, covering the numbers which are current in November. Now, this does not mean that you can be interviewed in November if your number is under that published number because you need to be “documentarily… Continue Reading →

DoS posted about the lawsuit

DoS have posted about the lawsuit, explaining that they will do their best, but won’t be cancelling any other cases in order to prioritize DV cases. They are giving instruction to all the embassies and the embassies have started updating… Continue Reading →

A great win in the DV2021 lawsuits

Judge Mehta has release an order/opinion that is a very good win for DV2021 cases. Congratulations and thanks goes to the legal eagles that have fought this battle! He tells the government to do as many interviews as possible before… Continue Reading →

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