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Year 2022

DS260 Unlocking – correcting bad information

From time to time there are situations where bad information is published that I believe is detrimental to people’s chance. I addressed a couple of such cases by youtubers in a recent video. However, it is not only youtubers that… Continue Reading →

VB for August 2022 interviews released

The Visa bulletin was released last night. Quite simply, it shows all regions and countries current. That will help Egyptian and Nepal cases to some extent, but for those cases in Nepal and Egypt, the real question is what capacity… Continue Reading →

Processing update as of May 2022

People are still struggling to understand the processing method at KCC for DV2022. So I am going to capture some notes and explain from what I know or can assume, what I think has been going on. Firstly, to help… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for July interviews published

The new VB has just been released, and it’s frustrating news for the Nepal and Egypt. Egypt has not moved at all, and Nepal has moved just a few hundred numbers. This is again, shameful behavior. EU was almost current… Continue Reading →

Congratulations DV2023 winners – here is important information for you

This is important information on how to process your DV lottery win.   DV2023 winners CONGRATULATIONS on being selected for the green card lottery DV2023. I am BritSimon and I run a blog BritSimonSays.com. The only subject that my blog… Continue Reading →

New I-134 form published

A new version of the I-134 form has been published and can be used immediately. If you have an existing I-134 it will be accepted for interviews up to June 27, 2022. If you plan to interview after then and… Continue Reading →

Interesting information about scheduling methods

As part of the Tesfaye lawsuit ( a suit by Morrison Urena regarding Addis Ababa and Khartoum) the government have filed a motion to dismiss. That doesn’t automaticall mean they will get the case dismissed, the arguments are ongoing.  … Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for June 2022 interviews released

The new VB has just been released, and it’s good news for the smaller regions and Iran. AS, EU and AF were pretty much current before this VB, so there is not much change in those regions. Iran is no… Continue Reading →

How to change embassies

OK, I get this question multiple times a day at the moment due to the concerns people are having with waiting for their cases, and this is a subject which needs a little explanation. I am writing this as of… Continue Reading →

Visa bulletin for May 2022 interviews released

The new VB has just been released, and it’s a bit of a mix between regions as to who benefits. No increase in EU, although EU is almost current with just a few cases left. Now AS has moved a… Continue Reading →

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