Oh man. The IT department at the department of state are really not doing well. I really should consider their suggestion to go and help their team to fix their problems….


So the latest IT fun is this. Normally 2NLs come out as one batch, taking a few hours from start to finish. Once someone receives the email they can normally go to the ESC site and they will see their appointment letter in place of the 1NL. Sometimes in the past people have received the 2NL email but the appointment letter is not displayed for up to an hour later.


However, this month the 2NLs have been coming out over a couple of days. Some people see their appointment letters, some don’t – even after 2 or 3 days after their email. People are getting worried of course although there really is no need to worry. So – if you have received the email that says to check the ESC website for your appointment details, and it is not there you can either wait a few days and see if it gets updated or you can contact KCC who can already tell your the appointment date.


Additionally it is normal that the CEAC system gets updated after the 2NLs go out – and that data is important to allow predictions for the next month visa bulletin. So far that update has not happened – so I have not recalculated predictions. Hopefully they will update that soon.

This weekend is a long weekend in the USA. Monday is Memorial day. That means KCC will not be working on Monday, so unless we get the updates soon, we will have to wait until Tuesday.

 2NL problems for July interviews