People are have today started receiving their 2NLs for December  interviews!! This is earlier than normal, which is nice, but doesn’t “mean” anything.  It will take a few hours – and possibly even a couple of days before all have gone out – especially as it is now the weekend. .

The email itself has no useful information. It simply tells you to check the ESC site for the interview details. Some people that receive the email will find the ESC site is not ready, those people should try again after a few hours. Also, some people find the email itself goes to a trash or spam folder or somehow miss it. So – if you think you may have been scheduled but missed your email, you can check the ESC site, just in case. The 1NL (you have been selected letter) is replaced by a new letter which gives the appointment details.

For those that received their interview notice, now is the time to start preparing for the interview. Gathering documents, scheduling the medical and so on. To learn how to prepare please view my guide on preparing for the interview.

If you have received your 2NL – please take a moment to reply to this post and add your region/case number range PLUS the date of submission and whether you unlocked at any point. This helps me gauge the backlog and DS260 processing times. Last month it was clear that cases submitted later than mid May had a chance not to be scheduled because of backlog on DS260 processing. We will see how far that backlog has been handled.


**** UPDATE ***

The LATEST submission date I have heard where someone received their 2NL for a December interview is June 12th.

So – the backlog seems to be moving at about 2 weeks of submissions per month.

October interviews were on DS260 submissions up to around May 15/20 (2 weeks worth of submissions)

November interviews were on DS260 submissions up to around May 31 ( a bit less than 2 weeks worth of submissions)

December interviews were on DS260 submissions up to around June 12/15 (2 weeks worth of submissions).


If you submitted before June 15 (roughly) and were expecting your interview, that is because not all cases process at the same speed. If you submitted after June 15th, it is not surprising that your interview did not get scheduled.

I expect the backlog to reduce at some point (meaning the 2 weeks will grow to 3 or 4 weeks worth of submissions). But we have to wait and see whether that pace will increase for January interviews.

A later interview is not a problem. No need to panic. The Green Cards for March interviews are just the same as February interviews…. so….


R – E – L – A – X!!!