Some people are reporting receiving their 2NLs for December interviews. It will take a few hours – and possibly even a couple of days before all have gone out.

It would be GREAT if those that received their 2NLs would add a reply to this message saying when they submitted their DS260. A survey like that helps us understand the processing time for the DS260 and let’s us understand the backlog.

Please add your first submission date, and if you unlocked please add that resubmission date and the data you changed. That is helpful for all.

Now – if you do not get your expected interview, please come back here and read updates to this page to see the feedback I will have received.


***** Update after feedback ******

MANY thanks to those that have given submission date feedback. I have not thanked everyone personally – but I am thankful for the input, which is for the community benefit.

Based on the feedback below, it looks like the majority of 2NLs were sent to cases which were submitted up to early/mid July. Most (not all) June submissions have been handled now. Not all July submissions have been processed.

As I have explained before, cases do not all get processed at the same speed. So your case might have missed the scheduling deadline whilst someone else got a December interview with a slightly later submission. Don’t worry about this – it is normal and does not mean there is a problem.


2NLs for December interviews being sent now