So – 2NLs for November interviews have started!

Generally these come out as in batches over a period of a few hours or a couple of days at most. If you expect your 2NL and you have NOT had it within a day or two, it probably means you submitted your DS260 late. Last month they had processed DS260s up to late May (with a handful of early June submissions). Once people start seeing their 2NLs we will be able to gather feedback (see below) for those that get their 2NLs. That feedback allows us to know how far along they have got with the backlog of DS260 submissions.

It would be GREAT if those that received their 2NLs would add a reply to this message saying when they submitted their DS260. A survey like that helps us understand the processing time for the DS260 and let’s us understand the backlog.

Now – if you do not get your expected interview, please come back here and read updates to this page to see the feedback I will have received.

****Latest DS260 submission known to have been received so far***

Last three that I know of – June 24, 26 and 29.

There are several cases where people have not got there 2NLS with submission from mid/early June. So – I would say the majority of June was handled, but not all – and don’t forget – not all DS260s will take the same time to process. So – you might have submitted on the 15th and NOT get your 2NL while some other current case submitted on the 29th and got their 2NL…..