I have seen a few DV2024 report that they have received their 2NLs for October dates. So – I think it is time for a quick reminder about the 2NL.

The 2NL is the interview appointment notification. You get an email that has no useful information, and all it says is that you have updates and you should go and check the ESC page. The ESC page is where you originally saw the “you have been selected” letter. That is the 1NL (short for 1st Notification Letter).

Some people notice that the 2NL email is received BEFORE the interview appointment details are updated to the ESC page. No need to worry – just wait a couple of hours.

One note, when you have your 2NL you no longer have access to your 1NL, so it you want to keep it for any reason – download the 1NL before you get the 2NL.

Once you receive the 2NL you have a few weeks notice of your interview. So that is when you need to make sure you have read the instructions, gathered documents and booked the medical. This is what you have been waiting for – so take this phase seriously!