Judge Mehta has release an order/opinion that is a very good win for DV2021 cases. Congratulations and thanks goes to the legal eagles that have fought this battle!

  1. He tells the government to do as many interviews as possible before September 30th.
  2. He blocks the prioritization (Tier 4 ) for DV2021 cases. That is VERY important.
  3. He is instruction the lawyers to give a joint status report on September 23
  4. He is considering preserving visas for issuance after the end of the fiscal year.
  5. He did not give priority to the named plaintiffs. This additional effort could apply to any case.
  6. Rosales and Goodluck cases are being combined.

The order itself can be seen here.

This could see some additional interviews being booked between now and the end of the month – but I think it will be hard to add many thousands of cases in such a short timeline. So – it is likely that the report due on September 23 will be used to determine how many visas should be preserved for later issuance.

There is much we don’t know at this point – so please be patient while things get worked out

You can see my thoughts here: