OK – a few people have been asking the normal question of when the 2NLs are sent. So – a few points about the 2NLs which you may find useful.

  • Generally the 2NLs are sent out about 1 to 2 weeks after the VB is published. KCC will generally say by the end of the month.
  • The 2NL is an email. The email itself has no information about your case or interview. It simply says that you have been scheduled for an interview and you should check the ESC website. This is the website where you saw the 1NL – which is the “you have been selected” letter. It does not matter therefore if you do not have access to your email account.
  • Some people that go current will NOT get their 2NL in the month they get current. This is because cases can only be scheduled for interview once the DS260 is processed. The processing is done after you submit the DS260 and is some background checks they perform. That means some DS260s will not be processed in time for the scheduling of interviews.
  • The amount of time that it takes to process the DS260 varies from case to case and over the course of the year. Last year, early cases were taking 4 to 5 months to process, meaning that many people that had submitted even as early as June were not scheduled for October interviews.
  • If your case is delayed because your DS260 was submitted late, you won’t lose your chance – you simply get scheduled in the next monthly batch once your DS260 background checks are completed.
  • I don’t know how far KCC have got with processing DS260s. So I cannot say whether your case can be scheduled or not. It is best to wait and see. Whilst you can call KCC to check if your form is processed. Time they spend answering those calls is time they are not spending processing forms and scheduling interviews – so unless you have specific reason – please don’t call them.
  • The relatively high numbers for this first VB of the year tell me that there are many cases not yet processed – either because there are processing delays OR because people have not submitted. This means that interview places in later months will be taken up by these “backlog” cases – repeating the pattern we saw in DV2015. That will mean lower VB increases in future months.

I hope that helps!!

About 2NLs for October interviews