A few people have been made nervous and asking me about a change they are seeing on their 1NL (the letter that says you have been selected).

Some people are noticing a change on their letter. In two places on the letter the case number is shown with an asterisk before and after the number – like this:-


This is actually being shown in the place where the barcode would normally be shown. This is because the barcode is a “font” – and actually the barcode can be read as the case number. So – the barcode and the number with the asterisk are actually the same thing.


So – does it mean anything. Well no, not really. It seems to be as simple as a change made on the system that displays these letters (the data is pulled from a database and shown in the letter format). Any IT professionals will understand this.

It does not represent a problem and no one should be worrying about this change. It does not signify anything bad.