As some of you will have seen already, the AILA class action lawsuit has been filed today in the District of Columbia. I know many lawyers have spent countless hours putting together this lawsuit, working long days, including weekends and now filing this action as a pro bono class action. So – thanks are due to the AILA lawyers and their colleagues.

The suit itself is around 100 pages, and the legal team have put together a comprehensive complaint that attacks the immigrant ban in a number of different ways, and on behalf of 23 plaintiffs, 7 of whom are DV winners, mostly people that responded to my earlier call for plaintiffs.

The “Magnificent Seven” named DV plaintiffs are Fatima Bushati, Jodi Karpes, Shyam Koirala, Farangis Kurbonova, Aja Kinteh, Iwundu Golden and Aya Nakamura. Many thanks to each of them for being fearless in front of unfair treatment, and doing so for the benefit of many others. They are the named ones, but remember the case is being fought for all DV cases, and in fact, is being fought to protect many people harmed by the unwise and unjust actions of the Trump administration.

We now have to wait some time for the wheels of the justice system to turn. As I explained in my videos posted a couple of nights ago, we cannot save every case. COVID itself dealt a terrible blow to the DV2020 selectee chances, but then Trump, as cowards often do, took advantage of the situation to flex his cruel and idiotic muscles.

I hope the lawsuit gives him another taste of losing, which will be a good appetizer for November.

Some links that may be of interest.

AILA press release about the lawsuit.

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The complete lawsuit itself, along with various exhibits.