Breaking news – the appeal court has made its decision and has decided against DV winners. This is a very sad moment and will mean the end of the line for people waiting for DV2020 and DV2021 news.

Key quotes from the decision:

In sum, the statutory deadline is clear, and neither history
nor context affords any basis for departing from it. The district
courts had no authority to order the State Department to keep
processing applications for diversity visas and issuing the visas
beyond the end of the relevant fiscal years

Congress has imposed a ceiling, but not a floor, on
the number of diversity visas to be issued each fiscal year.

Once Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 ended, the plaintiffs lost
their eligibility for diversity visas. The district courts erred in
asserting an equitable authority to override these clear statutory
deadlines, which foreclose the prospective relief sought in
these cases. Accordingly, we reverse the remedial orders
challenged by the government, reject the Goh cross-appeal, and
remand the cases with instructions to enter judgment for the

You can read the decision here:$file/21-5263.pdf