President Biden signed three executive orders today, and the third one seems to propose a review of ALL the immigration policy enacted by the previous administration. Secretary Mayorkas would obviously be involved in that review, as would others. BUT, critically for those waiting to travel to the USA, or waiting for DV2021 processing to start, that review does not provide fast relief.

So whilst we can continue to watch what the administration does, it is now going to be critical to push forward on the lawsuits – Gomez & others for DV2020 issued visas, and Anunciato for the removal of PP10014 to help get DV2021 going.

It’s a frustrating delay, that’s for sure. There has been a lot of informed chatter about removing 10014/10052. It’s a great pity that Biden chose not to pull that trigger today.

As I am writing this the text of the proclamations are not yet published, but once they are I will update this article with that text.

Update The third order I referenced is now available HERE

However, from the comments made by Biden at the signing, there will be a broad review of multiple actions taken by Trump. There was a lot more damage done than perhaps most people realize. So there is a lot to undo.

I thought this post from Charles Kuck was an important development.

There is also a similar request filed by the Gomez plaintiffs which you can see here:

And a good statement from AILA calling out Biden for the “failure of the Biden administration to immediately rescind the nonimmigrant and immigrant visa bans”

Well said.