This is a very important update regarding changing embassies. Please take the time to watch this update as it could make all the difference to your case.

As mentioned in the video, it is likely that embassies and KCC won’t be fully aware or ready for the change in policy,

The section I would suggest quoting is shared below along with some wording that people may be able to use in their email requests

FAM guide –

<<< Copy and modify the wording below as suits your specific case >>>

As I hope you are aware, the policy and guidance for IV posts has recently been changed to allow DV cases to request reassignment to an alternative post based on physical presence in that consular district. I refer to the FAM guide notes below that make clear that IV cases and specifically DV cases can be handled in a less restricted way than previously.

I have attached proof that I am physically present in your consular district, can legally remain here for the normal period of time to process the case. I hope you will accept this note as my formal request as described in 9 FAM 504.4-9 (b).

9 FAM 504.4-8(C)  (U) Third Country Processing for Applicants Abroad

(CT:VISA-1984;   05-08-2024)

a. (U) Application of Nonresident Applicant Physically Present in District: Department regulations provide that, unless otherwise directed by the Department, a consular section must accept an application from an IV or DV applicant physically present in the consular district even though not a resident in that district, provided the applicant  can establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer, that they will be able to remain in the consular district for the time it normally takes to process an application.  The time it normally takes to process an application should not include the potential time it might take for administrative processing, as an applicant may choose to depart the country while such processing is pending.  In assessing the applicant’s ability to remain in the consular district, the consular section may take into consideration the applicant’s ability to do so legally and in accordance with the requirements of the host country, among other relevant factors.  The applicant’s prospective ability to obtain a visa to apply for admission to the country where the consular district is located does not qualify an applicant as being “physically present” in the consular district, but if you are satisfied that the applicant will be physically present by the time of application, you are permitted to accept the transfer ahead of the applicant’s relocation to permit case preparation and reduce logistical delays upon the applicant’s arrival.