annual statistics

I started this blog in late 2014, as I saw a need to provide good information to DV lottery winners and hopefuls! I hope the information and advice has helped many people – but I can’t be certain of the numbers who have been approved instead of refused thanks to my advice, but I know there are some…

As 2015 draws to the end I have received a report on the activity on my blog which shows I have had over 1 million visits to the site this year, from 207 countries! I have answered thousands of questions  on the blog, through DV forums and Facebook. Many people have taken the time to say thanks, and some have very kindly shown their support by leaving a message or giving a donation to the Treehouse Project for my daughter. I really appreciate that – and would encourage you to do the same if I have helped you.

In 2016, I will continue to help to the best of my ability. I am waiting for the CEAC data to be published, and once that is available I will provide guidance about what that means. Then in May a new batch of winners will need help. I live in California myself,  my Green Card gained through this program, and I am honored to help others achieve this wonderful dream….

Happy New Year to you all – I wish you all success, health and happiness.