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2NLs starting to be sent for DV2024

I have seen a few DV2024 report that they have received their 2NLs for October dates. So – I think it is time for a quick reminder about the 2NL. The 2NL is the interview appointment notification. You get an… Continue Reading →

DV2024 a video to discuss selectee numbers etc

This video explains my thoughts on the position for each region including those regions that will not go current in DV2024 PLEASE NOTE: My video has a significant error in column H where I included holes in the number of… Continue Reading →

First Visa Bulletin for DV2024 is released

The new visa bulletin has just been released, it is the first one for DV2024. It shows the starting numbers for DV2024. Now, don’t get “worked up” about these first numbers. The progression of numbers from month to month should… Continue Reading →

One year is ending, the next year is starting

At this time of year there is a changeover about to happen. Over the coming weeks we will see how DV2023 ends and then watch as DV2024 begins. It’s an emotional time of year – especially in a year like… Continue Reading →

Final DV2023 visa bulletin published (September 2023 interviews)

The “August” visa bulletin has just been released, which is the final visa bulletin for DV2023. It will come as a coup de grace for some and give some light to others. So who are the winners and losers. Well… Continue Reading →

Are you a DV2023 winner from Latin America, planning to move later this year?

I have spoken to some documentary filmmakers who are working on a project to document the move to the USA for a DV winner, and for various reasons they would love to speak to, and work with someone from Latin… Continue Reading →

Visa Bulletin for August 2023 interviews released

The new Visa Bulletin was released, giving the numbers which will be current for August interviews. If your DS260 has been processed, and you are now current, then you should be getting your interview notification soon, but it depends on… Continue Reading →

DV2024 Basic Questions

We will have many DV2024 selectees with very basic questions. Let me try and address the most frequent ones here in the hope that people will read this. If you ask a question and I give you a link to… Continue Reading →

Lottery Secrets Revealed

This week the government revealed a number of interesting secrets about how the draw process works, including when the draw happens, what is the biggest reason that causes entries to be disqualified prior to the results being announced and some… Continue Reading →

Document procedure officially cancelled DV2024 and beyond

The government have announced that the document procedure, which required applicants to submit documents to KCC prior to being eligible for interview, has now been removed from the process. Whilst this had been my assumption, it is good to see… Continue Reading →

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