CEAC data August 17

OK – this is a mid month data update to show the continued DV2015 progress. As we can see the EU region is marching steadily on. To me, AF is starting to look blatantly underfilled. That could be because cases are understated, and it is obvious that the some embassies, particularly in Africa,  are not diligent in updating CEAC. You can see that from the in Transit cases still “unclaimed” in AF region compared to other regions – but there are also many reports of CEAC status showing outdated or incorrect status.


I cannot stress enough how important it is for all applicants with interviews scheduled in August and September to prepare properly to ensure no avoidable AP cases.  If you are scheduled for an interview in August or September there is a visa number reserved for you. However, that visa slot can be lost and given to someone else if you do not get approved in the interview.

Here is the data.

Please remember you can filter the data yourself to look at the results of a specific embassy.


I will publish a new file at the end of the month. By the way – DV2016 cases are not yet loaded into CEAC – so it will probably be several months before I can show similar data extracts for DV2016.