Time for an update at about the halfway point of April.

There has been a delay in getting the data. The CEAC website was modified in a way that blocked my script for a while. They will sometimes do that if they feel the website is being hit by robots (which is how they see me!) – and so we have to find another way around their measure. A game of cat and mouse. I spent several days investigating and rewriting the process from scratch and got a second version of the extraction tool work. However, my process is slow and thankfully the original developer of the “old” extract script diagnosed the change and fixed the script. So – we are back in business. Also added to this version are two columns to show counts for the at NVC cases, and the in Transit cases.

I have also added some information to show the regional response rate. Just a word about that, the countries such as Egypt cannot be current, so the AF response rate is understated. Likewise, EU region is understated because of the U2 countries having such a low response rate. I have explained those things in this previous post on response rate analysis.

AS you can see KCC are on the pace I have described previously. They issue around 5000 visas a month, this is half a month so 250 visas. Contrary to what it feels like – KCC know what they are doing!

Here is the data

And before you ask me to give you data on “your” embassy – it is very easy to do that yourself. So – here is how to use google sheets to analyze the data.

One more thing. If youi appreciate the work I am doing in keeping you informed and assisting you through the process I would be grateful if you could read this page about the “Treehouse fund” and leave a message or donate.

CEAC data extract April 16