I am taking a short trip, so I won’t have access to my PCs for a week, so I thought I would extract a CEAC file to keep you all going!

As you can see from the file, there have been a lot of issuances in the last few days. This is obviously some catching up from the period of time where interviews were happening but cases not being updated in CEAC. I expect the rapid increase to continue for the remainder of the month.

AF region has had the largest increase since the end of last month. I would not be surprised to see AF reach 14000 by the end of this month. Given the numbers released, that suggests they will be able to get close to or even meet the regional quota for AF, since I expect them to issue 3000 visas each month for August and September.
We can also see that EU region is still moving fast. At almost 14000, they are already well on track to hit the targets in the remaining weeks. Again, my expectation would be for EU to hit 15500 by the end of July.

AS is not so solid. The recent VB was most obviously “odd” for AS region. They will need to see a sharp increase in issued numbers from Iranian AP, otherwise the region may not reach its quota.


Hope the data is helpful. Please do your own analysis on the numbers using the tools in Google Sheets – some instructions o that are here.

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Here is the data.

CEAC data July 11