Since I ran this extract on Friday (12th June) there has been NO updates to the number of visas issued in several regions (I checked EU, AS and OC). Since this is extremely UNLIKELY (that NO visas have been issued) this means the CEAC system is being impacted by the systems issue that is affecting biometric data collection and visa issuing. This issue occurred on June 9th and is not expected to be resolved this week.

What this means is that the data shown below ONLY represented progress from June 4 to June 9. Since the embassies have continued processing cases that means the CEAC data is understated – more visas will have been issued  than the numbers shown.

Thanks DoS for another bit of IT introduced farce….




This is a “mid month” update to CEAC data. Because we had a late 2NL update, I have already published a CEAC file after the end of last month – so this is just an interim file – and it actually represents just under half of the month.


As we can see there are still 782 cases globally marked as “in Transit”. THese cases will be adding family member numbers when they are updated by the embassies.


Here is the data.

CEAC data June 12