CEAC data March 2

This is the data extracted from CEAC as of today, March 2.


The  data shows KCC have issued just over 4600 visas during February – which is about the pace I have previously mentioned they will be targeting (allowing for February being a short month). As I have said we will see KCC issuing about 5000 visas (perhaps a few more) a month from now to the end of the year. September will probably have a few more than that.


Many times I am asked why KCC are going so slow. The answer is they are not – they are doing exactly what they always do, exactly what they should do. They have a goal in mind to get to about 50000 visas. Their goal is not to reach the high case numbers – that is not the target from their point of view. They will manage the Visa Bulletin increments to have enough selectees interviewed each month to achieve their goal of 5000 visas a month. As I have explained in this analysis, they have late submitted cases completing DS260 processing and those cases will partially fill the quota of interviews for each month until the backlog reduces. So – whilst those new to the DV process might be confused, KCC is applying an approach and executing perfectly.


The full extract is available at the link below but here is the summary.

March 2 summary



Here is the data

And before you ask me to give you data on “your” embassy – it is very easy to do that yourself. So – here is how to use google sheets to analyze the data. I have also added subtotals at the top of the columns this month in response to a readers suggestion. So – when you use the filter, the spreadsheet will recalculate the totals for you (although it seems slow online).

CEAC data March 2