When people from all of the world can communicate, and work together to a common goal we can achieve great things. We (the Briotsimonsays readers) are showing that right now!

It’s not even 48 hours since I asked for help on the solving the CEAC Captchas. We already have over HALF the cases captured! The tool is working brilliantly (all credit to Xarthisius for an amazing job there), and lots of people have put in an incredible effort. Just take a look at the numbers on the “hall of fame”. Just amazing!



Remember  – “many hands make light work” – so if you have a few minutes to spare – please login in and help get the second half of the numbers.

I actually don’t want to publish the numbers and analysis until I can publish all the regions – but I just to give a taster to make it clear about the sort of data we can get.

We have the entire AF region captured already. The AF region has 42712 case numbers. Of those case numbers, 15060 are “holes”. This means the case number was disqualified before the selectee was ever even notified. I have explained why that happens in this older article. I will soon plot the density charts so we can have a better understanding of “limited” countries. This will be helpful in predicting progress in 2018.

We can also see that 10592 cases are still showing at “At NVC”. This means those cases never sent in their DS260 – they either didn’t check their win or simply decided not to pursue the win. That means 38% of AF selectees didn’t respond. That is a big factor to understand why KCC over select each year. If we assume that DV-2018 experience a similar “non-response” rate of 38% that means the about 19,000 of the 49,000 won’t respond at all.

I could go on giving info – but as I said, I would like to get all the data first – so let’s keep solving captchas!

So – for those that have been reading my blog for some time – they will already know the importance of this data to help understand the process. But hopefully you can begin to see why I am excited to start seeing this data. This really is like turning the lights on in a dark room.

Thanks all of you that are helping with this valuable effort.